Christian Men, Business, And The Call To Entrepreneurship

Pastor Denis Wade gives reasons why more Christian men should consider setting up a business

From my early teen years, I have been fascinated by the call to business and entrepreneurship. Now as a Christian leader of over 30 years, as well as a businessman and entrepreneur for most of that time, I feel just as strongly about the call as I did in my 20s, 30s, and even my 40s. 

For many Christian men, the call to business and entrepreneurship is a strong and enduring motivation, a journey of a lifetime, so to speak. It is not just the pursuit of profit, but also an important pathway which includes stewardship, service and self-fulfilment. 

Why Christian men should set up a business or side hustle

The Bible clearly teaches that God entrusted mankind with talents and resources, and urges us to multiply and steward them wisely. Entrepreneurship can then become a powerful means, a vessel through which this biblical stewardship can be manifested. By establishing a business or side hustle, Christian men can embrace the call to be fruitful and multiply, not solely in material wealth, but also in impacting lives and advancing God’s kingdom on earth. Through entrepreneurship, men can express their creativity, leverage their skills, and be agents of positive change in society.

The benefits of running a business

Running a business extends beyond financial gain; it offers a platform to embody biblical principles in the marketplace. Integrity, compassion and excellence can become cornerstones of operations, reflecting the character of Christ in all endeavours. Entrepreneurship can also foster self-reliance and resilience, while nurturing essential traits for spiritual and personal growth. Through the many challenges and triumphs of business, Christian men can deepen their reliance on God’s guidance and provision, while cultivating a faith that transcends various circumstances. 

Things to consider before starting a business

Before embarking on the entrepreneurial journey, Christian men should prayerfully discern their motives and align them with God’s purposes. 

Integrity should permeate every aspect of our business dealings – from our day-to-day business practices to all our relationships with stakeholders and associates alike. 

In addition, a solid understanding of market dynamics, financial management, and legal requirements is also important. Seeking counsel from experienced mentors, coaches and peers is also highly recommended. Seeking wisdom from God’s Word also equips men to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship with grace, discernment and humility. 

How to ensure business success

It is important to remember that, for the Christian businessman, real success in business stems from a firm foundation that is rooted in faith, integrity and good stewardship. Christian businessmen should then cultivate a deep relationship with God and seek His wisdom and guidance in all their decision-making. 

Heartfelt prayer should become the cornerstone of strategic planning, inviting God’s direction into every aspect of our business dealings. Additionally, embracing a servant leadership mindset is crucial, and it also helps to foster a culture of trust and empowerment within any organisation. Christ’s humility and compassion are great examples for us as business leaders, and these values, when practised well, are often reproduced by those who observe and follow our leadership. We should keep in mind that continuous learning, flexibility, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances in the marketplace are also important skills to master; they allow us to remain relevant and to innovate in an ever-changing environment.  

I believe the journey of Christian businessmen and entrepreneurship should transcend mere profit-making; it should ascend to the biblical call of fulfilling Kingdom mission. It can be a means by which God uses men to fulfil the Divine mandate. 

As we embark upon this worthy cause, may we do so with purpose, integrity, faith and compassion, and may the Lord be pleased with our efforts as we look to Him for guidance, inspiration, blessing and approval in all that we pursue. 

Personal reflections on my experience in business

Reflecting on over 30 years of personal business experience in sales and marketing, property investing, and business management services, I realise I have faced many challenges that have put my Christian values and character to the test. But leaning on God’s Word has always brought me through, showing me the best ways to do business, manage people, and navigate the daily challenges. 

I often found inspiration from the accounts in the lives of Bible characters, like Joseph, Daniel and Nehemiah, as well as modern Christian business thinkers, leaders and authors, like Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Myles Monroe, and John Maxwell. 

Their experiences and examples can light the way for you too, showing how faith and integrity can lead to success in the business world. So, whenever you’re in doubt, turn to God’s wisdom, and let these examples guide you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Here’s to your success.

Pastor Denis Wade is Senior Pastor at Micah Community Church, London. Visit

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