Dive Deep into Theology and Scripture with Our Online Diploma Programme

Enrol in the new Diploma in Theology, Biblical Interpretation, and Diaspora Mission starting September 2024 at Christ Theological College! This fully online programme is designed to accommodate learners from all walks of life, offering a comprehensive and innovative curriculum that spans various facets of theological education.

Learn from a faculty of seasoned theologians. Each tutor brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep personal passion for teaching the word of God and empowering the next generation of Christian leaders.

This course covers an array of topics including Introduction to Theology, Old and New Testament Surveys, Biblical Interpretation & Preaching, Church History, World Religions, and Diaspora Mission/Ministry.

This programme is for everyone interested in theological education. However, it prepares Diaspora and Non-Diaspora Church Leaders and Christians to better understand their missional and ministerial work within the UK and Western contexts. Additionally, the course provides theological, missional, and preaching training to better equip Church Leaders and Christians to serve in their ministries.

Our programme includes an extensive range of modules:

Introduction to Theology: This foundational module introduces students to the key doctrines of the Christian faith, exploring theological discourse from a global perspective. Topics include the Doctrine of God, Bibliology, Christology, Hamartiology, Pneumatology, Soteriology, and Eschatology, with insights from Reformed, Evangelical, and Pentecostal perspectives.

Old and New Testament Surveys: These modules provide a thorough overview of the Biblical text, focusing on the historical, geographical, and literary contexts of the Old and New Testaments. Key books and themes are examined to give students a comprehensive understanding of Scripture.

Biblical Interpretation and Preaching: This module equips students with the skills to interpret and apply the Bible contextually and preach effectively. It addresses the historical, cultural, and grammatical aspects of the Bible, incorporating various interpretive approaches and exploring how different global perspectives influence biblical interpretation.

Church History: This module covers the evolution of the church from the early Christian age to the present, examining key figures and movements that have shaped its development across different cultures and epochs.

World Religions: Understanding major world religions—Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism—is crucial for effective ministry engagement. This module provides foundational knowledge of these religions’ beliefs and practices and how they intersect with Christianity.

Diaspora Mission/Ministry: Specifically designed to address the needs of diaspora communities, this module explores the theological, cultural, and sociological aspects of Diaspora Mission. It includes practical insights for ministry in diverse cultural contexts and examines the impact of migration on religious practices and leadership.

Christ Theological College is committed to a 5-star student experience, offering accessible course materials and dedicated support throughout your studies. Whether enhancing your ministry skills or exploring theological studies for personal growth, our programme offers the depth and flexibility to meet your needs.

Classes are delivered online via Zoom from 7:15 pm – 9:00 pm on Mondays, ensuring accessibility for busy professionals. The programme not only prepares church leaders and Christians for effective ministerial and missional work within the UK and Western contexts but also empowers those from diverse educational backgrounds to engage in theological education for the first time.

Enrol today and join a vibrant academic community dedicated to transforming lives through the power of theology. Visit us at www.ctcollege.org to register, or call 02036334006 for more information. Join our September 2024 cohort at Christ Theological College, where faith meets scholarship, and embark on a transformative educational journey!

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