Compassion UK Charity Urges Political Party Leaders to Commit to Child-centred Policies

Compassion UK, a leading international child development organisation, has today written to all nine of the leading UK political party leaders. Identifying a notable absence of focus on children in the campaign so far, Compassion UK is urging them to commit publicly to child-focused policies and transform the UK into a child-centred nation.

Jonathan Prosser, Director of Innovation Lab at Compassion UK, made the personal appeal to the party leaders as the country prepares for the upcoming General Election, asking directly for a fundamental shift in policy formulation from whomever forms the next Government and Opposition in each of the four nations and for the UK as a whole.

Prosser authored an article about this topic in the RSA Journal’s 270th anniversary edition that brings together experts from all over the world and sets out ten thematic priorities to enable country leaders to move from idea to action and impact.

He said,

We have an unparalleled opportunity to position the UK at the forefront of a global movement by committing to become a child-centred nation. This commitment would not only foster domestic growth and wellbeing but also serve as a world-leading asset in foreign policy and diplomacy, delivering transformational outcomes for children.

In the letters, he calls on party leaders to create child-led policies by viewing them through the eyes of children – which would ensure their comprehensive development and wellbeing. He also highlights the need for a dedicated Minister for Children, ensuring foundational safety and resources, and valuing the social good of parenting.

Prosser’s call is already garnering international attention, with requests for consultations from overseas government leaders and ministers. He comments further:

Our 14 million under-18s in the UK must be given the world’s leading environment in which to blossom into adulthood with enhanced potential. This is not about achieving soft or vague outcomes; it’s about gaining a competitive advantage through better-equipped citizens living inspired lives.

With only a few weeks left until the new Government is formed, Compassion UK calls on all parliamentarians to demonstrate leadership for the next generation, and commit to making the UK a child-centred nation, transforming millions of lives in the process.

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