The Evangelical Alliance Congratulates And Prays For The New Prime Minister

Commenting on the Labour Party’s success in the general election, and Sir Keir Starmer becoming prime minister, Gavin Calver, CEO of the Evangelical Alliance, said:

“I am praying for Sir Keir Starmer and his incoming government following the Labour Party’s success in the general election. The scale of the victory represents a significant change for UK politics but also comes with a significant burden of responsibility. I’m praying the words of Psalm 72 that, God will give him wisdom and a heart for justice, that he will stand up for the poor and for children in need.

“The Evangelical Alliance is committed to working with the government on restoring hope in our society, strengthening social cohesion and honouring the dignity and value of every human being. Our faith is a vital component of what makes a difference and helps transform lives across the UK.

“We look forward to working closely with the new minister responsible for faith groups and encourage the prime minister to appoint a special envoy for international freedom of religion or belief as soon as possible.

“There will be points in the years ahead where we will disagree with the government’s direction and will challenge policies and decisions. Any moves that disempower and harm the most vulnerable in society will be met with a robust response from the evangelical Christians across the UK. Our heart is always to serve and advocate for those most in need and we urge the government to do the same.

“We encourage the government to meet with evangelical churches and national organisations to understand the vast contribution we are already making every day for those in greatest need.”

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