About Keep The Faith magazine

About Keep The Faith 

Keep The Faith’s ® is the UK’s leading Black and multi-ethnic Christian publication. We publish educational, inspirational, aspirational, and motivational articles to enrich the lives of our audience. We help connect the audience to news, events and services which matter to them. We also help organisations seeking to reach this audience with world-leading print, online, and e-marketing services.

Britain’s Multi-ethnic churches

Britain’s Black and multi-ethnic (BME) Pentecostal churches are among the largest in the country, with several having a regular attendance of 5,000+. For nearly 70 years Britain’s BME churches have provided hope, support, direction, community services, inspirational gospel music and moral guidance to the BME community and beyond. Increasingly, BME churches also run a wide range of community projects that are designed to help the vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community.

Due to their longevity and the social and spiritual impact they have on their members, BME churches are viewed as the most stable, prosperous and influential institution within BME communities. Organisations and government are now acknowledging that the most effective way of reaching groups within the BME community is by forging working partnerships with the Black and minority-ethnic churches.

Such is the high regard in which these churches have been held in recent years, that some of the most powerful and influential members of society have visited them personally, including Prime Minister Theresa May, former PM David Cameron and HRH The Prince of Wales. Other prominent visitors include civic leaders, MPs, local councillors, heads of charities, community service providers, business leaders and educationalists.

Keep The Faith Editorial Policy

Keep The Faith magazine promotes family values, provides this community with a voice, highlights the need for unity, provides inspirational and aspirational news, and creates a better understanding in an ever-changing environment.

Editorial Content

  • Local and regional community news
  • Features, politics, business news, IT news
  • Interviews/profiles with community figures and role models
  • Education and careers
  • Community and music events nationwide
  • Recruitment, fostering & adoption careers
  • Human interest, health & lifestyles, family and faith

Keep The Faith magazine has been in print since 2005 and was originally launched as an A5 glossy broad sheet.  Since issue 20, the magazine transformed into a 48 page, high quality silk publication.  Keep The Faith magazine is the ONLY publication of its kind in the UK.  The magazine was formerly published by Shirley McGreal of Keep The Faith Limited.  However, since 28 September 2022 Keep The Faith magazine is owned and published by MTD Publications Ltd

If you would like to find out more about Keep The Faith you can read about  ‘Our Team’, our audience, distribution and circulation.  You can also learn why Keep The Faith magazine remains the UK’s leading Black and minority-ethnic community focused publication, that promotes and supports unity, faith and family values.

And if you would like to become a contributor to any of our sites, or let us know about someone that we could feature in Keep The Faith, we welcome all contribution, so please get in touch!


Marcia Dixon



3 thoughts on “About Keep The Faith magazine

  • 28th September 2021 at 1:02 pm

    Your e-mail editorial@keepthefaith.co.uk. doesn’t work. Please can you send me an alternative e-mail to reach the editorial team. I am sending information on a beautiful photographic exhibition showing women faith leaders at work in London and want to send you information for your readers.

    • 18th March 2022 at 4:17 pm

      Greetings!!! I am a minister, author and filmmaker in the US ( Chicago,IL) Media, Arts and Entertainment is my area of ministry. I am the writer and creator of a new series called Seasoned which has a storyline which focuses on men and women in their 50’s. It is now streaming on Vimeo. It features original songs (some written by yours truly) and an uplifting theme song “For Me” which so many RatedPG50+ can relate to. We want the world to know and be inpired by Seasoned!

  • 15th November 2023 at 5:06 pm

    Hi brethren,
    Love from Kenya, I am blessed today to have visited your web site; I thank God for His divine direction to you and your ministry. The web site is full of instruction based on the Bible. We pray that you will continue supporting us with more teaching materials and Bibles to help us to grow spiritually in our ministry. Pray for the suffering children amongest us [church] that God’s provision may be felt in their daily course.
    We will keep you in our prayers and we ask God to open up for you the means that will help you to come to Kenya to minister to the thirsting soul.
    yours in Christ


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