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For over 13 years, Keep The Faith has been Britain’s leading Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) community magazine. We’re recognised as one of the most effective channels to reach the UK’s BME community

Keep The Faith ’s editorial contributors are some of the most powerful and influential movers and shakers, and successful entrepreneurs within BME communities.

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Keep The Faith key statistics

Keep The Faith magazine

In print for over 13 years and over 100 issues

We distribute over 10,000 copies per issue

Our digital magazine is sent to an extra 37,000 electronic subscribers

Read on a 4:1 basis; by up to 80,000 people of all ages and backgrounds

Distributed through churches, faith groups, community groups, businesses, charities, local authorities and BME organisations

Also distributed via selected Tesco, Asda, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s and Co-Op stores in key urban areas in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds

Our digital marketing and website channels

Our website and e-blast service puts your advert in the reader’s pocket

 30,000 page views per month

 A whopping 37,000 electronic subscribers

 An open rate of 8.5%; nearly 8 times above our competitors’ 1.1%*

 A click-through rate (CTR) of 2.9%! Industry CTR is 0.05%*

 A view time of over 1 minute; Industry average is only 16 seconds *

* Data from Google RichMediaGallery for UK-based advertising & marketing.

About our audience

Male-to-Female ratio

We are one of the few magazines which have near-equal readership between males and females

This means we’re an effective medium to contact the hard-to-reach male BME community


Socio-economic group

Our magazine reaches socio-economic groups: A, B, & C1

This is generally referred to as Upper Middle Class, Middle Class, and Lower Middle class

Our readers by age group

Our readers are mostly between 25 to 54 years old

National readership

Our readers live throughout the UK

We have strong readership among the big cities

Our readers’ shopping trends

Our readers tend to buy products which relate to travel, education or career improvement

#1  Hotels & Accommodations #6  Career Consulting Services
#2  Employment #7  Bus & Rail Travel
#3  Investment Services #8  Residential Properties (For Sale)
#4  Post-Secondary Education #9  Business & Productivity Software
#5  Air Travel #10  Trips to London, UK

Our readers’ reading interests

Our readers have a varies reading interest

They enjoy celebrity news and the arts (music, theatre, literature)

They like to keep fit and green living

They are business professionals and read political news

#1 Entertainment & Celebrity News #6 Music Lovers
#2 Art & Theatre Enthusiasts #7 Value Shoppers
#3 Green Living Enthusiasts #8 Health & Fitness Buffs
#4 Book Lovers #9 Political News Junkies
#5 Travel Buffs #10 Business Professionals


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