The Power of Your Story

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Date(s) - 18/04/2020 - 21/04/2020
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Bay 20


The world needs YOUR voice and YOUR story more than ever. Are you ready to take the next step to becoming a published author?

1 Book Journey Mentor, 4 Experts, 10 Aspiring Authors, 3 weeks

Are you a woman with a powerful story to share with the world?

Do you want to get published but don’t know how?

Do you have a story inside waiting to get out?

This dynamic 3-week workshop takes you through your book journey from A-Z and helps you to gain clarity and structure along the way!

* Discover your unique “Why” and message

*Create a clear vision for your book

*Uncover the secrets to self-publishing and tips to becoming a Bestseller

*Learn how to get your book in the press

*Set powerful intentions and goals for your book.

* Mix and brainstorm with like-minded women with powerful stories and messages to share

* Enroll in our 90 Day Accountability Package to keep you committed throughout your book journey


Sat 4th April


Know Your Why, Know Your Audience with Book Journey Mentor and Publisher, Daniella Blechner

Do you truly know why you are writing the book you are writing? This morning’s session will help you connect to your “why”, create a clear message and vision and pinpoint your target audience.


Let’s Get that Book Written! with Daniella Blechner

Do you know when to stop editing and pass it over to a professional, or are you continually editing along the way? This session will help you gain greater clarity into how your book should be structured and will leave you feeling on top of the world as you walk away with your chapter outlines in hand.

Sat 11th April


How to Get Your Book in the Press led by PR Expert

Have you ever wondered how to create a great PR plan? This session will get you crafting your very own elevator pitch and get you interview ready for your inevitable Media appearance.


Release Your Fears and Step Into Your Brilliance with Gosia Gorna

Transformational Coach and Bestselling Author Gosia Gorna will demonstrate and teach you a powerful method to transform your fear into brilliance!

Sat 18th


Planning your Vision and Setting Intentions with Daniella Blechner

Planning a vision for your book extends beyond what it looks like physically, it’s about having a success mindset to create that vision and staying true to it. In this session, you will set some powerful intentions, use EFT to create a success mindset and create vision boards for your book success.


How to Monetize Your Story and Expertise with Simone Vincenzi

This session led by Founder of Gtex, TEDEx Speaker and Author Simone Vincenzi will help you gain confidence in sharing your story on stage and using your story to leverage your business

Post Course: 90 Day Accountability 1-2-1 and Group Mentoring

Attendees have the option of enrolling in our 90 Day Accountability Course where they will continue to be supported by both Daniella and the group who will guide them along the way.

This will include:

~Access to Private Facebook Group

~Access to “7 Easy Steps to Publishing a Successful Book” online course


~Weekly check-ins via text from Daniella Blechner

~ Facebook lives with Daniella and a chance for q and a

~ Feedback on tasks submitted

FANCY BOOKING JUST ONE SESSION? You do not have to do the whole 3 days, you can book for ONE SESSION.

About Conscious Dreams Publishing

Here at Conscious Dreams Publishing, we believe that everyone has a unique journey, a story and message to share with the world. No one can ever quite live your life the way you have, no one can ever quite experience your journey the way you have and no one can ever tell your story the way you can. Your story could be the very one to connect with the very person who needs to hear your words the most.

So many potential authors fail to publish due to lack of knowledge or fear. We are passionate about empowering authors and assisting with not only the tools and resources to publish high-quality books, but we assist them in creating their own bespoke book strategy.

So many authors publish a book with no idea as to how to market or publish their book. These workshops will show you how to create a plan and strategy so that you are armed with the confidence to publish and promote post final draft!

Did you know according to The Huffington Post, 84% of people want to publish a book? Out of that 84%, only 5% go on to fulfill their dream. That’s 79% of stories lost, untold and unborn. 79% of voices silenced. Don’t let this be you.

This three-week workshop will be hosted by Daniella Blechner, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Book Journey Mentor and Founder of Conscious Dreams Publishing. Daniella is also a Lift Effects Award Star Winner and was recently shortlisted for The Entrepreneur of Excellence Award by National Diversity. She is also a former English Teacher who is passionate about empowering authors with the knowledge, tools and resources needed to publish their own book and create a successful book strategy. Publishing a book is easy, creating one of significance and value is something else entirely.

Join this workshop today and let’s get your journey started!

For more info on Conscious Dreams Publishing, visit

For enquiries, please email us at 0203 489 2755



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Terms & Conditions

We value our customers and so offer a 100% money back guarantee if the course does not meet the customer’s needs. (Never happened!) Once booked there is a no cancellation policy.

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