Rwanda: Christian Media Personality To Open Christian Radio Station To Promote The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

Nicodeme Nzahoyankuye is a Rwandan media personality with an extensive background in media ministry, spanning over seven years, where he has served with different media houses. He has been nominated for and has won various awards, such as Groove Awards Rwanda, Rwanda Broadcasters Excellence Awards, and the Peace and Reconciliation Awards among the others.

Nicodeme has been appointed by Rabagirana Ministries as Media Promoter of Reconciliation. He was twice awarded Best Gospel Radio Promoter of the Year, and twice Best Gospel Radio Programme.

He is a warrior for Jesus, with a passion for sharing the Gospel through media. He has initiated different events, including healing and gospel festivals in his home country, Rwanda. He instigated the Rabagirana Festival, a leading gospel festival, aimed at promoting the Gospel of Jesus.

His dream is to open a fully Gospel-centred radio station in his community, and to organise crusades.

He has a heart to bring the Gospel closer to the least-reached communities of Rwanda, and to carry the message of hope, healing the inner wounds of genocide-affected communities in Rwanda. Nicodeme hopes to establish a community Christian radio station that promotes and takes the Gospel into the communities. The radio station will focus its programmes on the Word of God, healing the inner wounds, and reconciliation.

I am praying that God will favour my initiative to establish a radio station. In Rwanda, establishing a community radio station requires a budget of between $25,000 and $40,000 to buy equipment as well as license processing documents. This is a large amount, but we are praying that God will open doors for people to partner with us or do a fundraising for us as we unfold this vision of building a saved society, equipped with the message of the Gospel of Jesus, hope, healing and reconciliation,.

Nicodeme Nzahoyankuye

His heart is to win souls for Christ through crusades and festivals. Nicodeme started organising crusades and gospel festivals in the remote places of Rwanda to win souls for Christ. He does the organising, and invites local, regional, and international evangelists to preach the Gospel. His calling is to help evangelists from around the world to preach the Gospel through crusades that take place in the remote areas and underprivileged communities.

Why healing and reconciliation?
Rwanda has faced obscurity following the genocide against Tutsis, when more than one million were massacred. The many inner wounded cases in Rwandan society and communities mean there is a continuous journey towards reconciliation to heal these wounds. Radio is one of the most important tools to reach many people – especially in the remote places – and Nicodeme believes radio will contribute towards that healing when the Gospel of Jesus is broadcast to these amazing people.

What’s next?
Nicodeme Nzahoyankuye is now pursuing his dream to see his country filled and equipped with the Gospel through radio. He extends the invitation to every believer throughout the world to pray for this vision and to partner with him in this initiative.

“I humbly request prayers for this initiative, and for people to contribute in any way. You can share this message to many, so they can fundraise, contribute and pray. Wherever you are, please do your part to help us fulfil the Great Commission through radio. I also invite evangelists and missionaries, who have a heart for Africa, so we can help them fulfil their mission and organise crusades and other events.’’

For more information, you can contact Nicodeme by email at 

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