ADVANCE INFORMATION SHEET The Keys of the Kingdom Holy Bible

New Bible translation puts right the mistakes of centuries

Title: The Keys of the Kingdom Holy Bible
ISBN‐13: 978‐1– 913623‐47‐0
Translator: Christopher Sparkes
Size in mm: 229mm x 152mm
Pages: 1280
Binding: Hardback with dust jacket
Age: A
Book categories: HRCF
PublicaƟon date: February 28th 2022

The first pure translation into English of the actual words of the Apostles – not influenced by creeds, traditions, or the preconceptions of the translators. The actual words – not what was thought that they meant. The culmination of over two decades of intense scholarship and in-depth research by an academic frustrated with the repeated inaccuracies of centuries.

“This translation unmasks historic twisting of the original Gospel message to support particular beliefs. It will be as controversial as John Wycliffe’s first translation into English which was declared illegal for anyone to read by the church which had him declared a heretic.”

The Bible for a long time has been the world’s number one selling book. Since the first English translation in 1380, more than 630 years ago, there have been around 150 English translations. So why do we need another one? Author, scholar, poet, and grammar expert Christopher Sparkes from Petersfield, has spent twenty years painstakingly going back to the original Greek and Hebrew, and has identified “a thousand blunders” which have been repeatedly left uncorrected.

Words have been added, taken away, or changed to fit with specific creeds or beliefs. As George Gershwin wrote, “The things that you’re liable to read in the Bible – it ain’t necessarily so!”

Christopher Sparkes has taken a different approach, using “Deep Grammar, Transcendent Logic, Internal Harmony, and Diamond-Mining Research”, to unpick
the locks, untangle the barbed wire, and discover the meanings of Greek and Hebrew words and phrases which have been wrongly translated in every single
English version. A brave thing to do as, over the centuries, men have been hunted down and assassinated by being burned at the stake for daring to
translate into English or tamper with the established Latin Vulgate translation of Jerome in 390 AD.

After William Tyndale’s translation was made in 1534, the Council of Trent (1545-63) commanded of the Vulgate that “no one is to dare, or presume to reject it under any pretext whatever”. Nobody, it seems, has dared. That law that no one is to dare or presume to reject the Vulgate is, it seems, still in the air.

The Keys of the Kingdom Bible translation is made from one source only: the Greek text with no influences of creeds or his own presuppositions. And in that, it is unique.

Written by: Chris Day

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