Counties Evangelist, Clive Cornish, Carried His 12ft x 6ft Wooden Cross Around Cardiff On Good Friday

Counties Evangelist, Clive Cornish, goes viral, after he carried his 12ft x 6ft wooden cross around Cardiff on Good Friday 

Counties – whose mission is to make Jesus know across the UK – has evangelists across the country engaged in everything from working with homeless to talking Jesus in mosques.  

Clive Cornish who runs Reflect Community Church in Ely, Cardiff, has owned his 50lb cross since 2003. He carries it around the whole of Wales every three years and runs the Cardiff half marathon, carrying the cross, every year.  

Clive has already walked over 5000 miles through Wales; from Land’s End to John O’Groats; and from Jerusalem to Rome in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul. 

This Good Friday as he walked around Ely, he was caught on camera by Facebook user, Lucy Warner, who posted it on her page.  

Since then, her short clip has been viewed 26 thousand times (and rising) making Clive an up-and-coming viral sensation.  

Clive – who comes from a broken background, knows that it was God’s love that rescued him from a life of alcohol, drugs, crime, violence, and prison – loves ‘raw evangelism’ and having the chance to talk to people he meets – who are inevitably curious about the cross.  

“It’s incredible,” he says, “but if it makes people think about what I am doing and why – that’s good enough for me.” 

A friend of Lucy’s added this comment to her page:  

The guy who’s carrying the cross does it every year he has done various marathons carrying this cross and also done some very long walks across the country with this cross on his back he is the new pastor in the reflect church on grand avenue and is absolutely of sound mind he just has his beliefs and spreading the word of Jesus is what he does I’ve known Clive for years he was my neighbour as a child and still lives by mum now and is the loveliest man you could meet so just thought I’d assure u all no one been on a bender or escaped from the hospital lol this is genuinely something he always does, He is genuinely one of the nice ln guys in life and I know I see him out and about or leaving his house sometimes with it and I’m like wow hats off to you mate coz I really couldn’t do it carrying just myself never mind anything else lol x 

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